Jake Paul reacted to Woodley's tattoo

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Jake Paul reacted to Woodley's tattoo

Tyron Woodley did what he felt was necessary to seize the opportunity to do another boxing match against Jake Paul. He put “I Love Jake Paul” tattoo on his body. In fact, he put it on his middle finger, thus doing what he said he would do, but at the same time trying to send a message to the man who won against him in late August by a split referee's decision.

Namely, after the match, where the tattoo was actually part of the bet according to which Woodley was obliged to do it the same evening, Paul told him that he would give him revenge if he put the tattoo. Woodley said he would, but he didn't do it right away.

In the meantime, a lot has happened, and figures about the not-so-great success of the match have also come to light, which has also been criticized by fans. Woodley, on the other hand, saved two million dollars, so it's no wonder he was willing to do anything to make such a profit once again, probably for the last time in his career.

Still, judging by Paul’s reaction posted on his YouTube page, it’s possible he made the tattoo in vain. “I can’t believe a grown man made a‘ I Love Jake Paul ’tattoo,” Paul said with a laugh, before sitting down and saying that his official response to Tyron Woodley follows.

After that, he took a piece of paper from his mouth that said "I love you too," approaching the camera and saying, "Can I have those cheeks pappy?"


Of course, as there is no rematch clause, Paul is not obliged to give Woodley a new chance, regardless of what he said immediately after the match.

Instead, he has already turned to trying to arrange a match against Tommy Fury, Tyson Fury’s brother, who defeated Paul’s training partner at the same event. As for Woodley’s tattoo, many feel it’s not real, and the loudest among them is Dan Hardy, with whom Woodley subsequently went through a series of fierce shootings.

On the other hand, Ariel Helwani received a video from Woodley in which we can see a half-finished tattoo being created inside a tattoo parlor. Of course, it is still not any concrete evidence, nor is it a confirmation that the tattoo is not temporary.

After everything, we are waiting for the reaction of Woodley, a man who is obviously ready to do anything for a few more dollars. That is why many believe that the first match he agreed to box badly and not win, which is certainly supported by the fact that he did not go to Paul after he was seriously shaken in the fourth round of the match.