Woodley shows off ‘I love Jake Paul’ tattoo

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Woodley shows off ‘I love Jake Paul’ tattoo

What he has announced in recent days, Tyron Woodley has done. All with the goal of arranging a rematch of a boxing match against Jake Paul, the former UFC fighter and former welterweight champion decided to tattoo "I Love Jake Paul", which was a condition set by YouTube to arrange a rematch their match held late last month.

Although the condition was that Woodley had to do it the same evening, Paul told him after the match he still has time. Woodley apparently thinked for about a month before he did it. Today on Instagram, he “bragged” about his new tattoo and the place he chose to place the same.

He has chosen, in fact, the only place where he can at least in some way justify his act and send a message in the other direction. Middle finger of the hand. "I love you son. Now come and get this ass whippin cause I heard you been talking back to your elders.

" Woodley wrote next to the photo. Woodley already had a chance to kick Paul's ass, but he did very poorly in the match, even though he had a shaken Paul on the ropes in the fourth round.


At that moment, he did not choose an even fiercer attack, after which Paul recovered and took advantage of the fact that Woodley was extremely passive and inactive, and in the end he registered the victory by a majority decision of the referees.

Woodley took $ 2 million for the first match and another portion of the proceeds from the sale of the transmission so it should come as no surprise that he was willing to get a tattoo with the goal of coming up with another such earnings.

It is up to Paul to agree or choose another option, which could actually be his very realistic decision, after not very impressive sales data appeared, including an insight into the interest of the fans. Besides, after a very weak match like the one they provided the first time, how many of the same people would buy a rematch broadcast at all? Woodley certainly has a right to hope, but we can't be sure how his rematch will come.

Only if it is prescribed with the fulfillment of the conditions, by contract, but we are not acquainted with the whole situation in such detail. Certainly the next fight will bring excitement, and hopefully it could come as soon as possible