George Foreman believes Joshua can do much more

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George Foreman believes Joshua can do much more

Of course, all the biggest boxing fans, but also people closely related to sports, followed the match in which Oleksandr Usyk took away three heavyweight champion belts from Anthony Joshua. However, former boxers, especially those of the champion pedigree, are a special kind here, they look at it all with different eyes.

They certainly see everything differently from others and are always able to give good advice, no matter what the situation. One of them is a man who has gone through a lot and who has had one of the longest and most fruitful careers in the history of boxing.

It is about George Foreman who is satisfied with the quality of boxing he has seen, but believes that Joshua did not approach the match in the right way or show what he really can. "I watched the match between Joshua and Usyk.

Did AJ seem scared to you? I think he lost his identity. Why would anyone be careful about using their full power. Who are you AJ?" The great Foreman asked, adding an additional explanation: "AJ seemed confused in the ring to me, like he had too much in his ear.

I think he has to make some personal decisions. He has to become what he is. A hitter!"

Joshua's training

Joshua is only 31 years old, so he is still very young for a heavyweight. Once upon a time, his peers were just going to be professionals and coming to great success.

So Foreman believes that he can only express the best of himself, but that he has to work on some important things. But before that, he has to isolate what is his greatest boxing quality and subordinate his strategy and boxing style to that.

"Joshua certainly has a future, he has a lot of skills. But he has to learn to turn on his own switches. There are some corners around him that only look at his numbers as we push towards our destiny." "He needs help in training.

When he is so much on the bet, you just need a great training camp. Let him keep the same coach, but let him bring help, "Foreman explained. Joshua will definitely have to change something before the return. He is a boxer three years younger than Usyk and needs to look for room to progress.

Mostly when it comes to strategy, but he also has to work on his mental strength. This is where the problem was seen in the last rounds of the match against Usyk. Eddie Hearn announced a rematch for February.