Usyk wants a rematch against Joshua in Ukraine

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Usyk wants a rematch against Joshua in Ukraine

The moment Oleksandr Usyk found out about the referee's decision to defeat Anthony Joshua, winning the WBA, WBO and IBF heavyweight world championship belts, the Ukrainian was aware that he would have the task of repeating the same victory once again.

Joshua is a big enought that he can secure every big match with a rematch clause, and he will of course activate it, which he confirmed recently after the match. No one, meanwhile, can blame a new champion enjoying in his success.

This is what he originally wanted, discovering that he had been separated from his family for too long and that only they were on his mind. However, at the press conference after the match, he revealed another wish. That is to do a rematch in Ukraine.

He has had a great desire to perform in his homeland for some time now, after achieving all his greatest successes abroad. For something like this to happen, the green light would have to be given by Matchroom Boxing leader Eddie Hearn, a man who can not be pleased with Joshua’s defeat, especially if one knows how much money a title match between Joshua and Tyson Fury would bring.

Now, of course, the current problem is that the titles he should bring to that match are no longer with Joshua. "I looked at the referee cards. Joshua led after eight rounds and then he lost all four rounds to the end on each referee card and that's what decided," Hearn said shortly after the match.


A look at the referee cards actually reveals a different picture to us. Joshua led by only one referee card, the one that ultimately brought the score 115: 113. One card showed it was a draw, while other one showed that Usyk took four rounds, Joshua three and the eighth round scored 10:10.

This proves to us how the match was actually completely tied. However, what can certainly be concluded is that Usyk's victory is due to his better preparation for the end of the match. After the end of the same, he looked like he could easily keep up the same pace for a few more rounds.

As for a possible rematch in Ukraine, Hearn quite easily rejected the idea. "There is a very small possibility for something like that. Ukraine is not the best choice for February. We will work together to bring everything to the maximum possible results once again.

Ukraine is therefore not an option. I think the match will be held in the United Kingdom again." , confirmed Hearn. Looking at the date, Wembley Stadium acts as the best possible solution and the most likely option. After all, for now, the United Kingdom have suited Usyk very well.

He won Olympic gold in London, defeated Tony Bellew in Manchester defending the title of absolute cruiserweight champion, and now he has reached his highest result again in London.