Anthony Joshua’s fee for the fight is three times higher than Usyk’s

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Anthony Joshua’s fee for the fight is three times higher than Usyk’s

Oleksandar Usyk delighted with the boxing performance he provided last night in London. The Ukrainian unanimously defeated Anthony Joshua at home and took away four heavyweight belts (WBA, IBF, WBO and IBO). The match between two great heavyweights attracted great interest, and the fight completely lived up to expectations.

Twelve rounds of great fighting were watched by spectators in front of small screens, as well as 65,000 spectators at the Tottenham football club stadium. Considering that it was a fight between two of the best heavyweights in the world and one of the most anticipated heavyweight fights, it is clear that the fees must be somewhat in line with that.

Although Joshua lost to Usyk, the fact is that AJ still entered this match as a noticeably bigger star and therefore his financial profit is noticeably more generous. According to information offered by websites such as Mirror, Daily Star and others, AJ will earn around 10 million pounds, and on that amount he will also receive 60 percent of the profit from PPV.

When it all adds up, Joshua could be about 15 million pounds richer after the defeat than the Ukrainian boxer.

Usyk's earnings

Oleksandr Usyk, despite the victory, will earn three times less. Namely, his base fee is around £ 3 million, and with a bonus from PPV, Usyk could earn around £ 5 million.

The rematch of these two boxers could attract even more attention, and it is certain that the Ukrainian will become a bigger name in the world of boxing after this victory than he has been so far. His fantastic successes in the cruiser are amazing and now in the heavyweight division, but the reality is that Usyk did not enjoy the popularity he deserved until last night.

It is obvious that a huge amount of money was at stake, and it is interesting how much boxers earn from one such fight. Now they will both have an additional motive for another fight in which they could make even more money and put on an even bigger spectacle.

Joshua, who wants to avenge this defeat and show that he is still number one, will be especially motivated. Maybe this match was the best lesson, and he probably saw his weaknesses but also the strengths of the opponents that he will try to use. Usyk and Joshua will have a vacation and will probably soon decide on their fate and plans.