Joshua: "I'll fight against Fury without a belt"

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Joshua: "I'll fight against Fury without a belt"

Oleksandr Usyk defeated Anthony Joshua in London last night, causing his second defeat in his professional career. The Ukrainian celebrated with a unanimous referee's decision after an extremely impressive performance. With the defeat against Usyk, AJ lost his four belts in the heavyweight category (WBA, IBF, WBO, IBO).

Numerous boxing fans have long hoped for a fight between Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua. The winner of that fight would unite all the heavyweight belts. However, Fury had a contractual obligation to do a third match against Wilder if the American boxer requested that(and he requested it).

"Gypsy King" and "Bronze Bomber" will have their third match on October 9. Anthony Joshua on the other hand had a terrible day. Although Fury and Joshua had tough opponents ahead of them (Fury is still waiting), Fury and Joshua often talked publicly about a potential match.

Usyk appears to ruin Joshua’s plans, but the British boxer states that the loss of the belts does not affect his plans to fight Fury or Wilder. '' Like I said, I'm going to fight Tyson Fury and Wilder even without a belt.

The belts are fun and great. It is a legacy. However, with or without belts, I will fight with anyone, '' Joshua began at a press conference, adding that these are interesting fights regardless of the role. '' Would you watch those fights if the belts weren't in play? That’s the main thing in the whole story.

You have two competitive fighters in the ring, they both come from the UK and want to compete against each other."


Still, first of all, AJ wants a rematch against Usyk. '' 100 percent (I want a rematch), actually 110 percent.

I am ready to go back to training. My lungs are in good condition after these 12 rounds. I will be in good shape when I return to training and I will continue where I left off." Anthony Joshua had big problems with his right eye.

A large swelling was forming under the eye and as the fight progressed, so AJ, according to his own statements, saw worse and worse on that eye. '' Since the ninth round I couldn't see anything (on the right eye).

My eye was closed, but for me it was a good experience. In difficult situations, learn to control yourself." "This is the first time I haven’t been able to see in a fight. I thought how cool it was that my eye closed during the fight and I couldn’t see nothing. I was looking with one eye, "he added