Tyson Fury believes Usyk has a chance against Joshua

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Tyson Fury believes Usyk has a chance against Joshua

We have been following the negotiations over a potential boxing match between Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury for a long time. Everything was moving forward very slowly, until we finally received information that the match had been arranged and that all points of negotiations had been resolved.

And then came the shock. Deontay Wilder won the rematch against Fury legally. Joshua thus decided to defend his three titles against the nominally first challenger, and that is Oleksandr Usyk. The undefeated Ukrainian is the former absolute champion of the category up to 90.5 kilograms, and since coming to the heavyweight category he has recorded two appearances and two victories, although we cannot say that he impressed.

Consequently, he is an outsider before the start of the match, but it is definitely worth noting that he brings a lot that Joshua has not seen so far. The match will be followed very closely by Tyson Fury, who is in preparation for the match against Wilder.

He intended to withdraw from the media, but seemed to have been provoked by Joshua’s prediction that Wilder would knock him out in their third clash.

Fury on Joshua

So in an interview for Boxing Scene, he decided to predict this week's match and probably stab his rival and desired future opponent a bit.

"I expect Joshua to try to box more this time because of his new way of fighting and how he uses his front straight. He is aware that he is not fit to offer someone a fight under constant pressure and keep that same pressure."

"He starts to switch off after only three rounds. After that he is invisible for three or four rounds .He will not be able to do what he normally does against Usyk, since Usyk will be there all the time, make him fight."

"I expect the unexpected and a bit strange Joshua. It could be a chess match in which Joshua will be left with no idea. So it's important that he hits him with some of the hard punches as soon as possible." "If he fails to do so, I see this as a difficult night for him, maybe even a defeat with stoppage, " many analysts actually agree, especially those who believe that Usyk's speed and fitness could be crucial.

Still, he has no intention of betting on any boxer. Joshua is still the favorite for him, but he gives a chance to Usyk "I'm not a man who bets so I won't this time either. But it's a fight where you can make a bet on any outcome.

I can find a lot of reasons why Usyk will win." "I think he's hitting harder than people are thinking." "But they won't decide who hits here. He will have to keep hitting the target here and the big bodybuilder will fall.

The problem is that Joshua is a boxer who quickly runs out of ideas," he once again hinted at what he considers a potential problem.