Gennady Golovkin will have a fight this year

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Gennady Golovkin will have a fight this year

It’s a little sad to follow the middleweight category of professional boxing without Gennady Golovkin. The charismatic and always exciting Kazakh in the ring in recent years become the face of this category and also one of the most popular boxers at the moment.

The situation around him is actually extremely unusual. His team quickly agreed with Ryota Murata for the match, but fans were disappointed by the fact that it will not happen until the end of the year. Then there was speculation about an earlier match for Golovkin, but he did not agree.

As the end of the year approaches, the match against the gold medalist from London in 2012 has become relevant again. Since the main terms had already been agreed before, the remaining details were not a problem. On December 28, there will be a match in which Golovkin will defend the IBF title, and Murata WBA super, and the winner will have both.

Unlike Golovkin, who had his last match in December last year, when he defeated Kamil Szeremet, Murata has been out of the ring for another year. We saw the 35-year-old Japanese last time in December 2019, when the then-current WBA regular title was defended by the owner in a match against Steven Butler.

Golovkin vs Alvarez

He had previously played two matches against Rob Brant. First the one in which he lost the title, and then the rematch in which he returned the title by knockout in the second round. Although the story has subsided a bit, fans still want to see the 39-year-old Golovkin the most in the third match against Canelo Alvarez.

Their first fight from the summer of 2017 is remembered for the draw, but also for the controversial referee cards. Most of the media then scored the fight in favor of Golovkin. A year later, the Mexican performed better and came to the referee's favor in a close match.

What both trials have in common is fantastic and more than exciting boxing and that is why it is considered that a third match would be the best option. Still, Canelo is currently building his path in the bigger category.

In order for Golovkin to think of anything else, he would have to defeat Murata first. He will enter that match as a favorite, but we must not forget that age is very important factor. It’s up to him not to let them get noticed.

Both can be hard opponents, and they can make big problems for the opponent, so we expect an interesting match