Tyron Woodley says he's getting 'I love Jake Paul' tattoo

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Tyron Woodley says he's getting 'I love Jake Paul' tattoo

Tyron Woodley disappointed a large number of MMA fans late last month who hoped to justify the reputation of the sport he comes from and to defeat Jake Paul. Instead, he had a very passive match during which he attacked minimally and lost it by a split decision of the referees after eight rounds.

During the fourth round, Woodley seriously hit Paul and threw him into trouble, but he did not continue where he left off, much to the surprise of many. He was surprised that he lost the match, so immediately after that he started looking for a rematch.

Paul told him he would get it if he tattooed “I love Jake Paul” on his body. It was actually a bet arranged before the match and Paul brought a famous tattoo artist to the show. Tyron didn’t do it then, but said he would later.

Still, it’s as if Paul, meanwhile, has made the decision that the second match against Woodley doesn’t interest him. He probably read all the comments, and the sales figures of the transmission came up, which didn’t quite satisfy him.

Seeing that Woodley was paid off with two million dollars, there is probably some more profitable option for Paul, so he currently turned to Tommy Fury, to whom he had already sent an offer in the amount of one million dollars.

Woodley wants a tatoo

Woodley doesn't like it at all, he is extremely excited to get another good profit so now he has confirmed that he is ready to get the tattoo. It seems he'll do anything for the match "Tommy Fury should never have been in a position for something like this.

I intend to wait for this week to pass so I'll see what happens." "The best and smartest thing to do is to have a new match. I think I'll put that tattoo on my own on Saturday body. I think I’m going to do it because it’s a good thing to do.

I’m going to do it on Saturday, "Woodley said during an interview with Ariel Helwani via Instagram. Paul also gave some guidelines for the tattoo, the most important of which is that it must be visible while Woodley is wearing shorts and a T-shirt.

So Tyron is asked where he will place the tattoo. "I still don't know, I have to think about it. I'm not going to put it on my neck or face for sure. I think I'll put it on my toes. For me, this is easy to do."

"If the guy wants me to beat him, he'll still pay me and do the fight of course I love him. Especially because he's so stupid," Tyron added.