Overeem revealed how long he will fight

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Overeem revealed how long he will fight

It's sad for Alistair Overeem to end what he called the last expedition. The defeat he suffered in February from Alexander Volkov stopped his two-game winning streak and his campaign ended. What he didn't expect was that his UFC career would end with that campaign.

After four wins in his last six appearances, he didn’t think there would be a parting, but the UFC’s decision was understandable to many. Along with Overeem, Junior Dos Santos also left the promotion at the same time, so it became clear that the UFC intends to change the image of the heavyweight roster.

Fortunately for Alistair, who in the meantime celebrated his 41st birthday, he had many offers. Big promotions offered him a contract, boxing was mentioned, so that he could choose a sport in which he had already achieved great success, although he did not actually spend much time in it.

It's about kickboxing. On October 23, at the Glory Collision 3 event, Alistair will have an attack on the heavyweight title of the currently biggest kickboxing promotion and a fight against Rico Verhoeven. An opportunity to feel once again at the very end of his career what it means to fight against the best, and maybe even feel the top once again.

And the end is undoubtedly near. He revealed something about where and when he sees the end of his career in an interview for MMA Junkie. "I have to admit that my age limits me. I'm realistic about it. My end is coming.

This will be my last year and when it's over it's over. One year, one and a half." "All of this has to be completed within a year and a half months. 18 months - that’s the time when it’s all going to end, I have to be realistic about it, ”Overeem revealed, referring to 2022.


Glory came to him as a relatively good consolation after the disappointment, and the offer of a title fight was something that certainly decided his choice of where to continue his career. It will be another opportunity to shine on the biggest stage, especially if he defeats Rico Verhoeven, since it is something that no one has been able to do for years.

Yet, if asked, he would not change employer until the end of his career. He understands the UFC’s decision and has accepted it, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t regret that it couldn’t have been any different.

"I'm a professional and I look realistic. It's something the UFC can do after you lose. They have a right to it when it comes to contracts, they can fire you." "I had a really good period in the UFC, maybe it's just time for a new generation of fighters .

We must not forget that I turned 41 and that I am getting older. If I could have chosen, I would have finished my career in the UFC, but I couldn't, "he said, adding that he remained indebted to himself in the UFC: "The UFC belt is the only thing missing on my wall.

I was close, but what's there is. If I could change or get one thing, it would be the UFC belt. But on the other hand, I've had so many great wins. So many more exciting moments. I'm proud of everything I've done there. "