Canelo and Plant had a shocking confrontation

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Canelo and Plant had a shocking confrontation

After initially failed negotiations, which were conducted with the aim of organizing a match for some of the summer weekends, Canelo Alvarez and Caleb Plant still found a common language and will settle accounts in the ring.

It will take place on November 5 under the organization of Showtime Boxing. There was press conference, after which a confrontation was organized. Although Canelo and Plant have addressed quite a few harsh words to each other over the past months, it can be said that no one expected what will happen when they stood across from each other.

At first they looked at each other for a while, and then the provocations started. It also passed with a cold look without moving, only to have the Mexican suddenly raise his hands and push his next opponent away from him, probably frustrated by something Plant had just told him.

This is far from the classic behavior of the otherwise mostly very relaxed, focused and restrained Canelo, but it only shows the level to which this has all come.


However, that was not all, the most important or, according to some, the worst happened after that.

Plant went back to Canelo, still saying something, then moved his hand toward the Mexican's face, probably trying to slap him. Canelo dodged the attempt as if they were in the ring, only to counterattack and hit Plant immediately.

Fortunately, in situations like this, strong securities are always present, so boxers are quickly separated. This match is extremely important for the current world boxing. The winner will become the absolute super middleweight champion, as Canelo owns the WBA, WBC and WBO belts.

He only misses the IBF, which is owned by Plant, and he decided to invest his three to win it. It is clear that the American is in a position where he can get a lot more this way. What is certain is that a career fee awaits him, regardless of how the match will end.

The 29-year-old Plant had played 21 professional matches so far and has celebrated in all of them, but it must be admitted that he came to the title in a strange way, without matches against top boxers. Such is unquestionably waiting for him on November 5 in Las Vegas.

As for Canelo, it is now clear to him that he no longer boxes for money but above all for the legacy, that is, he wants to win as much as possible and thus create a collection of trophies that would place him among the best ever.

It seems that such an approach created a little pressure on him and he failed to control himself in the moments where Plant brought him to the edge. On the other hand, the American certainly likes something like that and gladly accepted the fight on stage.