Manny Pacquiao announced the end of his career

"After a previous fight, he discussed retirement or maybe another fight"

by Sead Dedovic
Manny Pacquiao announced the end of his career

A somewhat vague situation happened because no one knows whether Manny Pacquiao has ended his boxing career or not. The Filipino announced last weekend that he plans to run for president of the Philippines, and these elections will be held next year, in 2022.

PacMan has been politically active for some time and is loud talking about corruption in his country, and is currently a political senator in the Philippines. Pacquiao, 42, was a guest on the show "Toni Talks" and in a way announced his retirement from boxing.

'' My boxing career? My career is over. I decided on such a decision because I have been boxing for a long time and I'm saying that it is enough." "I kept boxing because I'm passionate about this sport, '' Manny said. While such a statement gives the impression that Pacquiao has definitely retired from boxing, Sean Gibbons, president of Manny Pacquiao Promotions, soon came forward.

He provided more information to ESPN's Mike Coppinger and dismissed allegations of the legendary Filipino's official withdrawal. '' The senator will decide in the coming weeks how he will end his professional boxing career.

After a previous fight, he discussed retirement or maybe another fight." "Here (in Tony Talks) he only talked aloud about various situations. '', Gibbons began with a denial and then explained how to recognize the moment when "PacMan" officially retires.

'' Until you see the official post on his Twitter or Instagram, he's not retired. Once the announcement is on such a platform, then it is official. Everything else is just talking about his current thoughts. "

Ugas match

Pacquiao currently played his last match on August 21 this year, exactly a month ago.

Cuban Yordenis Ugas (27-4-0) jumped in as a replacement for Errol Spence Jr. and defeated Manny fairly easily by unanimous decision of the referees. It is clear that the 42-year-old "PacMan" is catching up after 72 professional matches (62-8-2) and is nearing the end, but it seems that the decision is not yet official and definitive.

It is to be assumed that Pacquiao will still play one farewell match and will try to say goodbye by winning. Pacquiao is one of the biggest boxing names and it is unnecessary to talk about his successes and everything he has achieved in the world of boxing.

Obviously, Pacquiao is no longer the same fighter, but that’s not surprising given his current age. The last defeat, but also the form in which Manny is, is the main reason for his departure from the world of boxing. But let's wait a little longer until the final decision

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