Bjornsson achieved his first boxing victory!

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Bjornsson achieved his first boxing victory!

Icelandic Hafthor Bjornsson, known as the "Mountain", attracts a lot of interest whenever he puts on his boxing gloves and performs in a boxing match. Once a very successful competitor in strongman competitions and the winner of the "World's Strongest Man" competition from 2018, held another exhibition match last night.

"Mountain" has performed twice before and both of his exhibitions ended in draws. Bjornsson surprised many in May when he offered quite fair resistance to Simon Vallily (17-3-1, 7 KOs), a British professional boxer.

Last night, the Icelandic powerlifter had his third match this year, but this time it did not end in a draw. Bjornsson defeated Canadian Devon Larratt by knockout in the first round. Larratt, 46, is a professional arm wrestler and has no martial arts experience.

He was preparing for the fight against the "Mountain" in the famous Tristar Gym with Firas Zahabi. Larratt opened the fight well with a right crochet, but the rest of the fight went under the dominance of the Icelander who hit nicely with the front straight from the counter-guard.

25 seconds before the end of the fight, the referee decided to jump in and prevent additional attacks by Bjornsson. A number of fans felt the referee could have let the fight go for a while longer, but Larratt later admitted that stopping the fight was probably the best decision at the time.

Bjornsson's life

By the way, Hafthor was supposed to fight another strongman Eddie Hall last night. That fight has been announced for a long time, but Hall had to cancel his performance due to a biceps injury. Their fight should get a new date in time.

Bjornsson is otherwise known as a versatile artist and a man who found himself in many areas of his life. Once upon a time, in his 20s, Boyronsson was a professional basketball player who played in the Icelandic league, but after the injury he devoted himself to some other things.

After that he decides to start his strongman career in which he was very successful. Still, most remember him best for that because he was one of the characters in one of the most famous Game of Thrones series, where he also gained the most popularity.

It is interesting how he decided to try his boxing career after all, and it seems that he is doing quite well for now. We'll see if Bjornsson stops at this or tries something new after all