Wilder: "Fury is the biggest cheater among boxers"

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Wilder: "Fury is the biggest cheater among boxers"

As we approach the ninth day of October, tensions between Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury are rising. The two best heavyweights in the world have fought twice so far. The first fight ended in a draw, and in the second we had a chance to watch the total dominance of Tyson Fury who won by a stoppage in the seventh round of the fight.

Deontay Wilder hopes to fight back in the first half of October. With the victory against "Gypsy King", Wilder would return the WBC belt to his ownership and would remain at the very top of the heavyweight category.

In the face of the coming battle, the "Bronze Bomber" made certain accusations against Fury. Even after the previous fight, the American boxer and his brother claimed that Fury filled his gloves with a blunt object.

"Doctors found that my brother had a dent on the side of his head, and the same was caused by a blunt object hitting him in the head during the last fight." "Tests found that no glove or fist could have caused such damage.

My father once told me that if you pull a gun on someone, then you better kill him." "Because if you don't, he'll come back and kill you. The king will get up again, we're coming for blood," Marsellos, Deontay Wilder's younger brother, said at the time.


Often Wilder also accuses his rival of doping. The British boxer during 2016 had certain problems with that. Then they found an illicit substance in his blood, more precisely the anabolic steroid nandrolone. If we add to that he failed doping testing due to cocaine use, the fact is that Fury has a kind of dossier when it comes to the use of illicit drugs.

Deontay Wilder touched on that this time as well. '' Look at his history, he's among the biggest cheaters in boxing history, but do you ever hear anything about it? Nobody cares about that." "When everything is added and subtracted, I can look people in the face, and I can also look in the mirror with the knowledge that I did my career in the right way, "said" Bronze Bomber "during the interview for 78SPORTSTV.

Both fighters seem to amplify the words playing and "trash talk" as their third match approaches. After all, everything will be told in Las Vegas on October 9th. We expect a real spectacle that finally awaits us after all the accusations and provocations through the media