Jake Paul to Silva: "I'm not like Chavez or Ortiz"

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Jake Paul to Silva: "I'm not like Chavez or Ortiz"

Legendary Brazilian MMA fighter Anderson Silva held an exhibition boxing match against Tito Ortiz last weekend and defeated him in the first round. "Spider" performed at the Triller show, which was led by his compatriot Vitor Belfort and American boxing icon Evander Holyfield.

Belfort called out Jake Paul after his win, and at a post-fight press conference, Anderson Silva also expressed a desire to fight the Paul brothers. 24-year-old Jake Paul with four official professional boxing appearances is more experienced than his brother Logan who has only one professional appearance.

Jake has defeated two renowned MMA fighters in the last two appearances. He first knocked out Ben Askren, and just over two weeks ago, by a split referee's decision, he defeated former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley.

Jake Paul like most people associated with martial arts is a fan of Anderson Silva, but believes he would have a good chance against him. ''I have a lot of respect for Anderson Silva. He is an MMA legend. I was his fan while growing up.

He said only nice things about me, so there is mutual respect." "Anderson was great against Tito Ortiz and Julio Cesar Chavez Jr., but I’m not them. I am fast, explosive, young and hungry. Every day I improve exponentially in the gym, '' Jake said in an interview with ESPN's Marco Raimondi.


Anderson Silva would be by far the biggest challenge in Jake's martial arts career to date, and that fight would surely attract huge interest because many haters of Jake Paul and the entire youtube boxing trend would believe that Anderson Silva is a fighter who will definitely beat YouTuber and will do so spectacularly way.

Of course, we are aware that Silva has recorded poor results in the UFC in the last 8 years and was not even close to his level as he used to be. However, he seems to be doing well in boxing and knows the sport very well, considering that he was phenomenal in the match against Ortiz.

We have to take into account the age of Anderson Silva, and that it would not be easy for him to fight with younger fighters, but this could be a big challenge for Paul, but also an opportunity he could use. Given that Paul has announced that he is ready to fight anyone, Silva would be a great option for him.

Paul would have many advantages: Financially he could be in a big plus, and on the other hand he could take advantage of the challenge of a fighter who is no longer in his prime. Paul will have to make a final decision.