Tito Ortiz found the reason for the defeat

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Tito Ortiz found the reason for the defeat

46-year-old MMA veteran Tito Ortiz did not make a name for himself in his boxing debut. Anderson Silva brutally knocked him out last weekend after just under a minute and a half of fighting. No one has ever knocked out Ortiz in such a way, and Silva looked like a far better fighter in the boxing ring.

Still, Tito Ortiz seems to have found the reason for his defeat after looking at footage of the fight. The former UFC light heavyweight champion believes the heavy knockout occurred due to illegal punches, and he expressed his opinion via his Twitter profile, but later deleted the post.

Ortiz was obviously frustrated by the way he was defeated and could not remain silent '' Good right kick, but I didn't know the blows to the back of the head were legal. I have to practice that combination. Now I know why the back of my head is so sore, '' Ortiz wrote It is difficult to assess whether Silva really hit Tito in the back of the head or not.

The fact is that "Spider" acted like a much better boxer and it was only a matter of time before Ortiz got hurt. However, the good news for Ortiz is that it was a fight that in the end was not recorded as an official professional match but as an exhibition.

Tito Ortiz therefore still does not have an official boxing match in his career, but at least he has a chance to win his official boxing debut, if he boxes again after a rather poor performance he provided against Anderson Silva.

Silva's boxing

Most are also surprised by the fight of Anderson Silva who, although in his late years, still shows how strong and good a fighter he is. It is obvious that he does not lack motivation and that he is ready for the next challenge that awaits him.

Silva is in top form and it will be interesting to find out his opponent who will certainly have a difficult task. Although he has experienced a decline in his career since 2013, which is understandable given that he was 38 years old at the time and was not in the form expected.

Obviously, boxing is something Anderson should try more, because we noticed that he really has great movement, great blows and that he can easily dominate his opponent. We will see what plans Silva has in the future, but one thing is for sure: His opponent has a difficult job ahead of him.