PPV figures for a fight between Jake Paul and Woodley are leaked

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PPV figures for a fight between Jake Paul and Woodley are leaked

Just over two weeks have passed since the boxing match between Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley. The young Youtube star celebrated in his fourth professional appearance, and the former UFC welterweight champion lost in his boxing debut by a split referee's decision.

That fight attracted a lot of attention. MMA fans, but also fans of other martial arts, had high hopes for Tyron Woodley. Many hoped that "T-Wood" could stop the fast-growing trend of youtubers in boxing, but he disappointed all those who supported him.

Woodley gave another passive and somewhat lifeless performance and deservedly lost in that match. Still, on the financial side, Tyron certainly did well, and he wouldn't have tried his best to get a rematch if it hadn't really been so.

Jake Paul, on the other hand, often brags that he is the new face of the sport, but the first information has emerged regarding the number of PPVs sold. That fight didn’t seem to attract as much interest as Jake Paul points out.

Namely, according to the Wrestling Observer newsletter, the show, led by Woodley and Jake Paul, sold between 480,000 and 500,000 PPVs. That’s not a bad figure in essence, especially when we consider the price of $ 60.

However, after the fight against Askren, Paul claimed that they had sold about 1.5 million PPVs, and the same information came from the Triller Fight Club that organized that fight.

Dana White

Mike Tyson and Dana White accused them of lying.

There is no relevant information that can confirm with absolute certainty who is right, but the figures obtained by Tyron Woodley and Jake Paul suggest that White and Tyson are closer to the truth. In any case, whoever is telling the truth, it’s clear why former UFC fighters are opting for performances like this and probably their biggest motivation is money, not winning.

That could be one of the reasons why Paul is so dominant against them, but it’s also certain that they want to win but don’t box with as much enthusiasm as they used to. MMA fans are quite frustrated by Paul and his statements at the expense of MMA fighters.

For a long time, they wanted to find an adequate fighter for Paul who could explain to the American that he is still not at the level of MMA fighters. We are all looking forward to his next opponent, just so that he is not someone whose primary goal is money. It will probably all depend on the offer, but also on Paul who will carefully choose who suits him