Verhoeven: "Overeem had never seen anything like this"

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Verhoeven: "Overeem had never seen anything like this"

Fans of kickboxing as well as MMA were left quite surprised when Alistair Overeem announced in the second half of last month that he would be fighting Rico Verhoeven for the Glory heavyweight belt. It has been known since June that Overeem is returning to his roots, specifically kickboxing, but it was not to be expected that he would immediately get a chance against the current champion.

The fight will take place on October 23 as part of the Glory: Collision 3 event, and the GelreDome Stadium in Arnhem, the Netherlands will host this spectacle. Alistair Overeem has not competed in kickboxing since 2010 when he knocked out Peter Aerts in the first round in the K-1 Grand Prix final.

"Demolition Man" focused on his MMA career after that and was a member of the UFC for less than ten years. The Dutchman was constantly at the top of the UFC heavyweight division, but never won the belt. He came closest to the title in 2016, when Stipe Miočić defeated him in the fight for the heavyweight belt.

Reem lost to Alexander Volkov by knockout in the second round in February this year, and has not been a member of the world’s strongest MMA promotion since March. There was a lot of speculation about his next destination, the fight against Fedor Emelianenko as part of Bellator was mentioned, but Overeem eventually returned to kickboxing and will immediately get a chance to defeat the current king of kickboxing.

Rico Verhoeven has been a Glory heavyweight champion since 2014. He is currently in a series of 14 victories in a row. He currently made his last appearance in January this year when he won the Glory Heavyweight Tournament.

In the final of the tournament, Verhoeven knocked out Tariq Khbabez.

The fight

Glory has released an official announcement via its Youtube channel, a so-called trailer for the Glory Collision 3 event. It is actually the announcement of the main fight of the evening, mentioned above between Rico Verhoeven and Alistair Overeem.

Reem, 41, explained what a return to kickboxing means to him. '' The circle will be completed. I started kickboxing in my Netherlands and I will end kickboxing in my country. " Rico Verhoeven said in the announcement that Alistair Overeem will be just another name to add to his list, and he took the opportunity to tease Overeem who never managed to win the UFC belt.

'' Some legend from the past will fight the king. This is a new era, my era. Do I think he (Overeem) will be successful? No, he had never seen anything like this." "He went to the UFC and tried to win the title there, but he failed.

He has come to Glory now, but it won't end well for him either. '', Reem explained where he sees his advantages. "I think I have martial IQ, martial knowledge, strength, power, tactics and strategy to beat Rico, and that's exactly what I'm going to do."

"Demolition Man" also did not miss the opportunity to tease and reminded of the fact that he as an MMA fighter is actually a more complete fighter and much more dangerous if they fight without rules and various restrictions.

"If we meet on the street, we can fight 100 times and I will destroy him all 100 times. I think every person in the world is aware of that, '' Alistair added.