Jake Paul to MMA fighters: "You don't know how to box"

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Jake Paul to MMA fighters: "You don't know how to box"

Every day, more and more MMA fighters are interested in fighting Jake Paul, and slightly less are interested in fighting his brother Logan Paul. Youtuber Jake has provoked a number of MMA fighters with his comment, and they are especially frustrated by the fact that Ben Askren and Tyron Woodley have lost boxing matches to a person with far less martial experience.

The Paul brothers are most often called out by fighters in their late martial years, those who are no longer in the UFC and are free to do all sorts of fights. One of them is Vitor Belfort, who took the opportunity to challenge Jake Paul last weekend immediately after the victory against Evander Holyfield.

'' Jake Paul, stop running away from me. You will be my child. You will meet your daddy, '' Belfort said on camera shortly after the match against Holyfield.
Youtuber doesn’t see the point of the theory that he was scared when he’s currently doing the last two fights right against MMA fighters, and one of them is Tyron Woodley, a fighter who was a UFC welterweight champion and defended his belt four times.

Jake Paul thinks the theories about his fear and dread are actually ridiculous. '' It's a funny theory of these MMA fighters who think I'm afraid of them or running away from them. Folks, I’ve fought four times in the last two years."

"You can’t fight more than that if you’re doing big fights. I'm going to string these bit*hes from MMA. Sort them. I'll knock them all down"

Paul on MMA fighters

"You don't know how to box.

I outscored the five-time UFC champion. Vitor Belfort was nowhere near winning so many titles. You are the ones who are scared. '', Paul began by addressing MMA fighters during his visit to MMA Hour and continued. "You don't know how to box!" There’s not a single moment of fight where Tyron overtook me.

None. I just defeated one of your best fighters, a member of the Hall of Fame, etc." "I s*it on him having a bad night with elbow hyperextension. Therefore, fu*k you all'', youtuber added Of course, many MMA fighters call out Paul mostly because of the financial viability that this fight brings.

Jake isn’t a person who can seriously threaten them like some other professional fighters, but the fight against Jake Paul is probably financially more generous than all the other fights that 44-year-old fighters like Belfort can contract at their age.

Ben Askren and Tyron Woodley left some fans and critics with the impression that they didn't even want to win at all, they just came to charge. The MMA community is still waiting for a fighter who is truly eager to win, and such a person should stop or at least temporarily calm down this trend of youtubers and celebrities in boxing.