Anderson Silva also wants a fight against the Paul brothers

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Anderson Silva also wants a fight against the Paul brothers

Anderson Silva easily dealt with Tito Ortiz at the Thriller show. The two former UFC champions fought according to boxing rules, and Silva was even more biggest favorite in such a match than he would be in an MMA fight. It took a little less than a minute and a half for "Spider" to brutally knock out Ortiz.

Tito lost five times in his MMA career by knockout, but it was always about technical knockouts. No one ever sent Ortiz unconscious, until last night’s fight and Anderson Silva. The 46-year-old "Spider" broke up with the UFC in November last year and has entered the boxing ring twice this year.

In June, he delighted by dominating renowned Mexican boxer Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. (52-6-1), and just under three months later, he destroyed Ortiz in the ring. Silva recently pointed out that he is currently planning to fight until he is 49, so we should watch him for at least another two and a half years.

If Anderson continues to win with ease, they could often watch him in the ring. The Brazilian already has two names in the plan as potential opponents.

Paul brothers

Namely, "Spider" revealed at a press conference after last night's show that he would like to fight with one of the Paul brothers (Jake and Logan).

'' Jake Paul, you and your brother have a chance to fight me and Vitor. You know, it would be a good fight. '', Silva said, and Vitor Belfort even earlier, more precisely just after the end of the fight, also expressed a similar wish.

Unlike Silva, "Phenom" did not name both brothers, but decided specifically for Jake Paul. '' Jake Paul, stop running away from me. You will be my child. You will meet your daddy, '' Belfort said in the ring after the match against Evander Holyfield.

That means Silva would be left with Logan Paul. Logan is older but also boxing inexperienced than his younger brother. While Jake Paul has four official boxing appearances and fought former UFC fighters Ben Askren and Tyron Woodley, his brother Logan has only played one official professional match.

This happened back in 2019 when he lost to British youtube KSI by a split referee's decision. Logan also competed in a boxing match in June this year. However, it was an exhibition match against the physically much smaller Floyd Mayweather.

It was clear that this was not a particularly serious match and there was no winner at all because it was an exhibition. It could be said that Jake Paul has a more serious boxing career than his brother, but Vitor Belfort and Anderson Silva would both present by far the most difficult challenges in their careers so far.