Evander Holyfield disappointed with a quick stoppage

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Evander Holyfield disappointed with a quick stoppage

58-year-old Evander Holyfield is extremely dissatisfied with the referee stoppage, which led to his defeat in the exhibition match against Vitor Belfort. The legendary boxer believes that he deserved more opportunities and that such a stoppage was absolutely unnecessary.

By the way, Evander lost the fight against the Brazilian in just under two minutes. Only twice in 57 professional matches did Holyfield lose by knockout. James Toney finished him in the ninth round of the fight, and Riddick Bowe early in the eighth round.

So such an express defeat against Belfort is by far the fastest lost fight in Holyfield’s career. Fortunately, it was an exhibition match that will not be written in Evander’s official professional ratio (44-10-2).

Holyfield has been calling for a fight against Mike Tyson for some time, and although Evander looks like he’s in impressive physical shape, his performance hasn’t been good. A convincing defeat in the first round could further distance him from the desired fight against Mike, but it could also bring him even closer if Tyson estimates that Holyfield is now very vulnerable and that he could finally beat him.

Holyfield's explanation

Holyfield still hopes for that fight despite a convincing defeat against Belfort. As mentioned above, Evander believes that he should not have lost so quickly, that is, that the match should not have been stopped so early.

'' I wasn't shaken. The thing is, not a single blow from him seriously shook me. He is strong and has a good shot, but I lost my balance, '' Holyfield said immediately after the fight. "Real Deal" was on the floor twice during the first round.

The first fall was not classified as a knockdown, but Holyfield was thought to have slipped. The second time he ended up on the floor was marked by a knockdown. The 58-year-old Holyfield got up after that and continued to fight, but Belfort kept pressing with a series of punches and the referee decided to stop the fight even though Evander Holyfield did not finish on the floor again and did not act so shaken so the fight could be stopped.

However, the referee obviously thought there was no point in letting this fight go on as Holyfield acted rather powerless against the 14-year-old rival. '' I think it was a bad stoppage. The referee shouldn’t have stopped the fight so quickly.

I am not shaken and injured. In a way, it's sad how this happened and ended, "added the legendary boxer after the express defeat.