Anderson Silva destroyed Tito Ortiz!

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Anderson Silva destroyed Tito Ortiz!

It didn’t take long for Anderson Silva to demonstrate to the world how he and Tito Ortiz are two worlds different when it comes to boxing skills. After a little less than a minute and a half of fighting, Tito Ortiz remained motionless lying on the floor of the ring.

"Spider" brutally knocked him out and recorded his second boxing victory this year after defeating seasoned Mexican boxer Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. in June. Tito Ortiz tried to impose himself from the beginning of the fight, took the middle of the ring, and tried to threaten Anderson Silva with a direct straight.

That seemed to be exactly what Spider wanted because he had retreated to the ropes, and Ortiz had tried unsuccessfully to hit wide crochets that didn't look good. Silva then decides to put in a higher gear, stops one of Ortiz's attempts and hits him brilliantly with his right hand.

Silva added another right-footed shot and two left-handed punches, and Tito Ortiz ended up on the floor and there was no chance of him recovering and returning to the match. A great victory for Anderson Silva


Tito Ortiz complained weeks in advance that Anderson Silva had lost his respect for demanding that the fight be in a "catchweight" up to 195 "pounds"

Ortiz said that "Spider" was probably afraid of his strength and that he hadn't 195 "pounds" since the second year of college. In the end, Ortiz exceeded the allowed weight by as much as 5 "pounds" (2.27 kilograms).

Anderson Silva was quite disappointed and wondered why his opponent had signed the contract at all if he knew he would fail to meet the prescribed weight. Still, the fight took place despite a major drop in the scales, and Silva was clearly motivated to punish Ortiz for his unprofessionalism.

The 46-year-old "Spider" thus continues with successful boxing performances. Against Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. he delighted with the performance and came to victory by a split refereeing decision although he deserved to win unanimously after the dominance he provided.

Now he easily defeated 46-year-old Ortiz, but that was to be expected considering that Tito has no experience in the boxing ring, and even in MMA his fighting was not at the level of Silva. By the way, Anderson Silva has not finished an opponent in a fight since 2012 and a match against Stephan Bonnar at the UFC 153 event. Then he also celebrated by knockout in the first round.