Vitor Belfort called out Jake Paul after the win

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Vitor Belfort called out Jake Paul after the win

Vitor Belfort had a pretty easy fight with Evander Holyfield in the exhibition boxing match that also led to the Thriller show last night. The Brazilian came to victory after a little less than two minutes with a stoppage.

Holyfield ended up on the floor twice, but the fight was stopped while both fighters were on their feet. "Phenom" aggressively demanded a stoppage, and Evander was just defending himself. The referee decided to end the fight even though Holyfield did not seem shaken, and after the fight, he also confirmed that he was not in so much trouble that the fight would be stopped.

Yet Belfort eventually came away with a victory in a match that was ultimately not sanctioned as an official professional boxing match, but as an exhibition. The Brazilian MMA fighter has only one professional boxing match, and that fight dates back to 2006 when Belfort knocked out Josemaría Neves in the first round.

It seems that the 44-year-old "Phenom" plans to continue with big gloves in the boxing ring, and immediately after the fight, he called a new name. It could be said that it is not a big surprise that Belfort wants to fight YouTuber Jake Paul.

24-year-old star Jake Paul defeated Tyron Woodley in the currently final match, and a few months earlier he also defeated Ben Askren.

Belfort wants Jake Paul

Belfort now wants to defend the honor of MMA fighters, but more than anything he wants to earn well in his late fighting years.

'' Jake Paul, stop running away from me. You will be my child. You will meet your daddy, '' Belfort said on camera shortly after the match against Holyfield. Thriller lead man Ryan Kavanaugh stepped into the ring afterward and announced he was ready to offer $ 30 million to the winner of that match they want to host on Thanksgiving (November 25).

Time will tell if Jake Paul is ready to accept a match against an MMA fighter who is physically noticeably bigger and stronger than his previous two opponents. Surely he can be most attracted by the huge amount of money and of course that will be his main motive for the fight.

Still, Paul is aware that Belfort is a more serious opponent and would probably have a lot of problems with him. Right now is the best time for Paul to show that he is not afraid of anyone and that he is ready to find himself in the ring with anyone in this world. His reaction is awaited, and certainly, their fight would cause a great interest