Tyron Woodley is ready to get a tattoo if Paul accepts a rematch


Tyron Woodley is ready to get a tattoo if Paul accepts a rematch

Almost two weeks have passed since the boxing match between Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley. The former UFC welterweight champion did not live up to the expectations of many martial arts fans and lost to YouTuber by a split refereeing decision after eight rounds of fighting.

"T-Wood" and Jake Paul had an interesting bet before the match. The loser had to tattoo a sign saying '' I love Jake Paul / Tyron Woodley (I love Jake Paul / Tyron Woodley), depending on who wins. As Paul defeated Woodley, the body of the former UFC champion should become richer for the "I love Jake Paul" tattoo.

However, Tyron claims that they have agreed on a new bet in the ring and will only get a tattoo if Paul agrees to do a rematch against him. '' We called his manager. I think someone said to Jake, ‘Man, take that win and run.

You didn't win that fight. They declared you the winner, but don't enter the ring with him anymore '" "They told him that because I'm the type of motherfu*ker who will cause you problems if you give me another chance to fight you and break you, '' Woodley said live on his Instagram profile and he also described the situation around tattooing.


'' That situation with the tattoo, the original bet was that the loser gets the tattoo. Inside the ring, a new bet is introduced, and that bet in my opinion outweighs the previous one." "The new bet says that if I get a tattoo, we can do a rematch.

We both agreed and held out our hands. So that’s the bet I’m trying to make and the rematch has to happen if we sort out the paperwork of course." "And you have all sorts of stupid tattoos on your bodies. For a good amount of money, there is no one on this "live" who would tell me never to do that, "Woodley added.

Tyron seems to have really liked the payout he got from the first fight and is desperately looking for a rematch. Jake Paul, on the other hand, claims that they can only talk about a rematch when Woodley respects the tattoo bet, but the Youtuber pointed out in the Full Send podcast that Woodley has already messed with the whole situation, and Jake is now fighting someone else, Tommy Fury.

It will be interesting to find out whether Paul will accept a new fight with Woodley or will dedicate himself to some other fighters. Of course, money plays a big role, and if the financial aspect of the fight is acceptable, we have no doubt that it will happen.