Dan Hardy is frustrated by Tyron Woodley’s performance

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Dan Hardy is frustrated by Tyron Woodley’s performance

Retired English MMA fighter Dan Hardy has recently been released from all contractual obligations with the UFC and is free to compete for any promotion in any sport if he wants. As a reminder, Hardy was diagnosed in 2013 with Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome, which causes various heart problems.

Hardy retired because of that, and his last performance dates back to 2012 when he defeated Amir Sadollah by a unanimous decision. Dan Hardy has stated several times over the years that he would still like to return to fighting.

Kickboxing legend John Wayne Parr is one of the names that attracts him to return, and in an interview with Submission Radio Hardy revealed that he has a certain interest in doing a boxing match, and sees Tyron Woodley as a potential opponent who disappointed him with his performance against Jake Paul.

'' There are a few boxing options, but until they offer me a real opponent who will really intrigue me, I'll wait." "Maybe I will fight Tito Ortiz if he defeats Anderson Silva this weekend. I would also fight Tyron Woodley if he was interested.

He looked like a bag of s*it (against Jake Paul). That was very embarrassing, '' Hardy said of Woodley, further clarifying his position.


'' The reason I'm annoyed is the fact that he justified what I expected to happen, and I expected more from him.

Dude, you’re 40, your rap career isn’t going anywhere, your MMA career is over, and you have a guy in front of you who talked s*it about your mother and who told a bunch of nonsense I don’t know how many months."

"You have eight rounds to punch him in the face and then when you half throw him out through the ropes, you don’t add gas because you’re afraid you’ll look vulnerable?" "That just seems weak to me.

He looks soft and spends people's money. I love all these weird and wonderful fights, but it’s a moment that has crossed the line." "It's the moment when the fire goes out, then when people get involved and see that s*it and think about how the same thing will happen next time, but then they won't fall again "Outlaw added.

Woodley also seems to have managed to disappoint Dan Hardy, who expected the former UFC welterweight champion to put out all the "hype" around Jake Paul, but Tyron disappointed everyone with his passive and lifeless performance. Why he was so passive and disinterested we still don't know, but maybe it was just one bad night