Anderson Silva revealed how long he plans to fight professionally

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Anderson Silva revealed how long he plans to fight professionally

Former UFC middleweight champion and one of the greatest MMA fighters in history Anderson Silva will soon enter the boxing ring for the second time this year. After a thrilling performance and victory against Julius Cesar Chavez Jr.

in June this year, Anderson is waiting for former MMA fighter Tito Ortiz. The fight will take place on September 11th. "Spider" made his last appearance in the UFC in October 2020 and in November agreed to terminate his cooperation with the UFC after performing for the world's strongest MMA promotion for more than 14 years.

Silva left the UFC with three defeats in a row, and many speculated that his end was near and that it was time for him to retire. However, the 46-year-old found himself in boxing, and in an interview with TMZ Sports revealed when he plans to retire.

"I don't know if I will fight in my 50s, but my goal is to finish the last fight at the age of 49. When I’m 49, I’ll probably be done. That’s my likely goal, to fight for another three years and then I’ll be done.

49, that's the number."


Anderson is pleased with the form he is in and we have to admit that given his age he looks really great. Interestingly, he is still motivated as if he is 20 years old and fighting seems to be his greatest love.

That is also the main reason why he has been on the scene for so long. "I may still be able to fight, but I repeat, the current goal is to end my career at 49 years old. I will not fight after that. But I don’t know, I’m in good shape right now and I’m very happy when I go to the gym every day, to the Spider Lab where I’m constantly learning something new."

"I am so happy and I am a very happy type because God gives me the opportunity to continue my work. It's crazy and unbelievable, '' said Spider, who is obviously not sure when he will retire. It is obvious that his plan is to finish his career in three years, but it is also obvious that he is currently feeling well and still enjoys training.

We’ll see what the years bring, you never know what all might happen in the next three years. What is certain is the fact that "Spider" still looks great in the ring, and whenever he decides to retire, his legacy in martial arts will be huge.