Jorge Masvidal wants a fight with one of the Paul brothers

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Jorge Masvidal wants a fight with one of the Paul brothers

The love between Jake Paul and Jorge Masvidal broke long ago. Although the duo did several joint trainings, Jake Paul was offended by Masvidal's prediction that Tyron Woodley would defeat him, and the YouTuber often mentioned Jorge Masvidal in his public appearances.

So Paul said something a little less than two weeks ago at a press conference: "I was not surprised by Masvidal's statement. He has the same manager as Woodley, and the guy is kind of stupid. Let's be honest, Masvidal is not smart."

"Did anyone listen to some Masvidal interview and think ‘Wow, this guy is intelligent, the guy is smart and eloquent? He is a street fighter and gangster who ended up knocked out in his last fight, so he may have lost a few more brain cells."

Paul began in front of the assembled media and then referred to the potential fight against "Gamebred" if he defeats Woodley. "I would like to fight Masvidal. I think there is a good chance that it will happen, '' Jake added.

Gamebred on Paul brothers

Gamebred told ESPN's Marco Raimondi that he would love to fight either of Paul's two brothers (Jake and Logan). '' I'll beat every Paul. If they put money in my pocket, that Logan Paul, Jake Paul, any Paul guy, if they let me have money in my pockets, of course, I’d love to smash the faces of Disney characters."

"I am fighting with guys who train from their seventh or eighth year to do the same thing I want to do to them. Fighting guys like the Paul brothers is a bonus, '' Masvidal said. A contract with the UFC could pose a problem for Jorge Masvidal in realizing his desire to beat one of the Paul brothers.

Namely, Tyron Woodley and Ben Askren were not under contracts with the UFC when they entered the ring against Jake Paul, and Dana White has so far not seemed particularly interested in pairing his fighters against one of the "celebrity" boxers.

However, Masvidal hopes Dana White could send him to do the task. ''The UFC would have to agree to that, but nothing is impossible. Dana doesn’t like those guys, and he knows I would go out there and hurt those guys.

Maybe Dana will send a fuc*ing killer. '', Gamebred said, obviously extremely eager to injure the Paul brothers. Still, Masvidal currently needs to focus on his UFC career and the next match. He lost to Kamaru Usman twice in a row and must carefully choose the next fight because he is threatened with a third defeat in a row that would totally distance him from the top of the category and a possible new opportunity to attack the belt.