Badr Hari: "I won't stop until I clean the division"

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Badr Hari: "I won't stop until I clean the division"

Badr Hari suffered a shocking defeat last weekend in his 124th professional kickboxing performance. The Moroccan lost by knockout in the second round to the Pole Arkadiusz Wrzosek, a fighter for whom it was the 18th professional fight and also the biggest victory in his career so far.

Badr Hari dominated from the very beginning of the fight, he sent his opponent to the floor twice already in the first round, and Wrzosek was on the verge of defeat. At the start of the second round, the referee counted to Arkadiusz Wrzosek again, but the Pole showed a huge heart and knew he had to survive Badr Hari's onslaught to have a chance to win.

Wrzosek pulled out a left high-kick from literally nothing and "froze" Badr Hari, whom the referee counted to ten and the Pole came to a sensational victory. Hari has been waiting for a win for over six years, since August 2015, and a win against Ismail Londt.

He defeated Badr in 2018 and Hesdy Gerges, but the outcome of the fight was changed to "No contest" because both fighters were positive in doping testing.

Hari wants to clean his division

Hari suffered three defeats in a row after that and there is growing speculation that the 36-year-old is nearing the end of his career.

However, judging by his post on Instagram after the fight against Wrzosek, it seems that the Moroccan does not plan to give up. "You are disappointed. I'm disappointed. The result is not good. It's hard to see the positive side of this fight today.

But… I have to tell you that I felt strong and ready yesterday." Badr Hari, although 36 years old, does not want to give up his goals, and wants to clean his division "I must tell you that I wasn’t in pain for a second before this twist of fate.

I hit like Badr Hari. I felt the fullness again. The result is frustrating, but the way is very encouraging. I'm on the right track… and I won't stop until I clean the division." "First, let’s start with a rematch.

I would like to thank you for your immense support. I love you. I will make you proud. I promise you." The Moroccan did not look bad in this fight, nor in previous performances, he lost (Adegbuyi, Verhoeven). However, after his introductory rush, either he is prevented from an unfortunate injury or his chin cannot withstand the rush of an opponent. Anyway, we’re looking forward to seeing what’s next for this legendary fighter.