Wrzosek's unexpected victory over Badr Hari!


Wrzosek's unexpected victory over Badr Hari!
Wrzosek's unexpected victory over Badr Hari!

The Glory 78 event brought a fantastic kickboxing program that ended in an amazing way, with Arkadiusz Wrzosek’s big win over Badr Hari. And that happened after Harry absolutely dominated for one and a half rounds and sent the Pole to the floor three times with blows to the body.

And then came the missile when no one hoped Wrzosek could do anything more. A missile that landed Harry in such a way that he failed to get up. But let's talk about the whole fight The duel between the two giants started without respect, but Harry is the one who goes more offensively on the wings of the audience.

Each of his blows would be followed by a standing ovation, which only pushed him further. This did not initially hinder Wrzosek, who is defending well, but due to everything that happened, he did not seem to have enough self-initiative to attack.

Harry thus raises the pace by entering the last minute of the round and hits a punch to the body after which the Pole falls and the first count follows. He returned after that, but a new blow to the body brings a new count, but also a new return of Wrzosek.

The Pole somehow endured until the end of the round, after which there was even another blow more because the referee did not hear the bell from the ovation.

Second round

Wrzosek opens the second round with his attacks, but Harry is completely in aggressive mode and it didn't take him long for a new series to knock Wrzosek to the floor once more.

The persistent Pole returns and welcomes another attack by Harry who sets out to end the fight. And then the shock! Wrzosek's courage paid off, he seized the opportunity and with a brilliant left high kick, hit Harry in the head at the end of his own strength.

The Moroccan's legs were cut off and he immediately ended up on the floor, obviously and mentally lost. The referee counted to ten, Harry didn't get up and the fight was over. Wrzosek returned in moments where many wondered if the referee should have allowed him to continue the fight at all, while Harry reaffirmed that his beard was arguably the weakest aspect of his fighting arsenal.

It is certain that Harry was disappointed after all because he had the initiative and advantage throughout the fight. No one expected this outcome, but Wrzosek showed the mental strength and perseverance that seems to be his best weapon.