Jonh Fury: "Tyson Fury will go to MMA"

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Jonh Fury: "Tyson Fury will go to MMA"

One of the best heavyweight boxers Tyson Fury is currently preparing for Oct. 9 and the completion of a trilogy with Deontay Wilder. After a draw in the first fight, and Fury's dominant victory in the second match, the two dangerous heavyweights will compete once again.

In the previous fight, Wilder was defeated as already said, but he believes that Fury's victory was not fair and that there were many things that were not according to the rules. Fury denied such rumors and such things could be a motivation for Wilder to do his best and try to dominate Tyson.

He will have a difficult task, but not impossible, considering that we know how good a fighter Deontay is and how much he can do in the ring. John Fury, Tyson Fury’s father, said Wilder would not be a threat to them if they did the training camp as they should, and John also spoke about his son’s potential future when it comes to martial arts.

'' The harder it gets, the better it is for him (Tyson). Once he finally retires from boxing, he will probably switch to MMA and then return to boxing, but he will get involved in that (MMA), you will see, '' John told JOE and thereby tickling the imagination of all MMA fans.


It’s no secret that Tyson Fury is interested in MMA, and has done several training sessions with UFC middleweight fighter Darren Till. Tyson Fury’s father claims his son is very talented for the sport and believes he could be successful if he takes the sport seriously.

'' With the right training, he would be very good at it. I saw him excel in various sports like wrestling and that’s when I realized how good he is." Fury's father had only words of praise for his son and believes that Fury has many advantages and is very talented "I know he has more than just a hand.

He is fast, easy on his feet and I believe that if a top MMA coach took him under his wing, he could do great things. Ask Darren Till, '' John Fury added. "Gypsy King" is 33 years old and if he defeats Wilder, he certainly plans to fight Anthony Joshua, of course, provided that AJ defeats Oleksandr Usyk.

What will happen after Tyson Fury does those matches, time will tell. The fact is that he is no longer particularly young and does not have much time to transition to MMA if he plans to do great things in that sport as well.