Jake Paul is not interested in the fight against Fury

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Jake Paul is not interested in the fight against Fury

While it seemed that Jake Paul might already know the name of his next opponent, this is clearly not as certain a thing as many have assumed. Namely, after Tommy Fury defeated Anthony Taylor at the same show where Paul fought Tyron Woodley, Tyson Fury’s brother once again called Paul to the match, as he has been doing for the past few weeks.

After Paul's victory against Woodley, it was expected that he could fight back, that is, start promoting a match that would surely bring him more attention in the United Kingdom than before. In addition to being a member of a famous boxing family, Tommy Fury was a participant in the very popular show Love Island in Britain "and with the match against him, Jake would definitely go into an even newer sphere.

But it seems that this match is not in his plans. "The guy had nothing to say. He had a pointless performance against my sparring partner. Kudos to Anthony Taylor, he's a tough guy." "But Tommy Fury should be that big wicked guy from the legendary boxing line.

But you know what, I came to him in his face and told him to speak. I really have nothing to say to him, "Paul said when asked at a press conference about the name-calling sent to him by" TNT "

Fury's fight

Paul is actually right when he says that Fury’s performance was nothing particularly worth mentioning.

He has done four rounds against the former average MMA fighter, and he has not had a chance to confirm how talented he is in previous matches. Namely, although the 22-year-old Fury is currently at a ratio of 7-0, all his opponents so far have been boxers of questionable quality and very poor resumes.

He claims that Jake gave him the opportunity to prove that he deserves that match, which he did not do with his performance. "After all, I'm the one who hired him to be here. I gave him a chance to shine and in the end, I have nothing to say to him.

I don't have any bad blood with him." "I just told him to tell his girlfriend to stop sending me messages ", added YouTuber, further answering the question of whether this means that Fury will not be fought: "Shall we see that fight? I would go through him, very easily.

You know, it's an easier fight for me than it was against Tyron. But who knows." Jake last promised Tyron Woodley a rematch if he tattooed himself on how much he loves Jake Paul. Worst of all, Woodley said he would do it. All for a replay of the match that brought him the highest earnings of his career.