Gervonta Davis returns to the lightweight category

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Gervonta Davis returns to the lightweight category

One of the world’s best boxers at the moment, Gervonta Davis (25-0, 24 KOs), until recently was the owner of as many as three world champion belts. He held the WBA super lightweight title and the WBA regular super light and lightweight titles.

The WBA conditioned him earlier this month that he must decide by the end of the month which of them he will defend. For a start, Davis chose to leave the semi-lightweight title, which would mean he has no plans to return to it for now.

It was also his only "real" title, so to speak. Namely, the WBA has its own rule according to which the "super" champion is their real champion, while the regular title, for the most part, is absolutely unnecessary, they introduce in case the "super" champion holds some of the remaining elite belts.

Right after that, Davis choose in which category he would fight next, and that is the one in which most boxing fans actually want to see him. This is the light category, where a very interesting match awaits him in December.

Although this has not yet been officially agreed and confirmed, it seems that his opponent will be Rolando Romero (14-0, 12 KOs).


Romero is a 25-year-old boxer ranked by BoxRec as the 14th lightweight fighter (up to 61.5kg) at the moment.

He is a boxer who has built himself through several serious exams so far, confirming that he is ready to join the very currently most talented category of world boxing. While this isn’t exactly a match like 27-year-old Floyd Mayweather’s most fans want to see, this is going to be a very good match against a boxer who is rightly looking towards a top position.

Of course, the reason why this would not be the first choice is the already mentioned talent in this category. When you have Devin Haney, Teofim Lopez, Vasil Lomachenko, Ryan Garcia, Joseph Diaz and finally "Tanka" in it, of course you can't wait for some pairings of these boxers.

That has not happened yet, but Romero believes that with his quality he has a place among the above, so he should have the opportunity to prove it. Despite the character that makes him not a favorite among fans, Gervonta Davis is certainly one of the best, most aggressive and deadliest boxers in the world at the moment, and each of his matches offers unavoidable excitement. There should be nothing different this time either.