How much Paul and Woodley earned after the match?

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How much Paul and Woodley earned after the match?

Jake Paul is probably not an average boxer in terms of quality. He is also a man who will have a hard time reaching fans among true fans of “sweet science”. But, without a doubt, he is a man who has brought some new values ​​to boxing, but also an opportunity for big profits, both for himself and for those who manage to win the match against him.

This was confirmed after the announcement of Paul and Woodley’s fees for their match they did in the early hours of Monday. According to the MMA Junkie portal, both participants in the match saved two million dollars in base fees in their pockets.

To this will be added a certain portion of the proceeds from the sale of the transmission, but this is information that enters the area of ​​trade secrets and will not be publicly available.

Paul has thus established himself as a true moneymaker, both in terms of his earlier activities and in terms of boxing. In the martial arts world, he has certainly already surpassed his otherwise more popular and successful brother Logan, but mostly because he dedicated himself to boxing much more and more seriously.

For Woodley, these two million dollars are certainly career earnings, so it is not surprising that he asked for a rematch immediately after the match, and here we can find the reason why he did everything quite lethargically and passively, without any real intention to endanger Paul.


According to available data from the Sports Daily portal, Woodley, as a Strikeforce and UFC fighter, earned $ 4.8 million in fees, and the most he received for one fight was half a million dollars. These are his last three UFC championship titles, against Demian Mai, Darren Till and Kamaru Usman.

There he could not boast of any large PPV addition, as none of the events at which these fights took place received a particularly large number of broadcasts sold. It is the rematch that could bring him extra money, which is actually the main motivation for any athlete.

Most "conspiracy theorists" believe that it was Woodley's defeat that was planned so that the spectators would have the will for an additional fight, and thus the fight would arouse even greater interest and even more money.

Things may not go that way, since Paul has other plans, and he may break the agreement he had. Still, these are just rumors, and it will be interesting to follow Paul's career and find out who his next opponent will be.