Tyron Woodley desperately tries to get a rematch

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Tyron Woodley desperately tries to get a rematch

It looks like Tyron Woodley won’t give up the rematch against Jake Paul lightly. The former UFC welterweight champion has a hard time accepting this defeat and thinks he should have won. "T-Wood" was a guest at the MMA Hour less than 24 hours after the fight and said that he and Jake Paul agreed on the possibility of an instant rematch in the ring immediately after the fight if Tyron respects the bet about the tattoo.

Namely, Woodley has to tattoo "I love Jake Paul" on his body. '' He's trying to get away. He acts like a coward. I call him out, and he (Jake Paul) becomes a coward. I am trying to be a man and I will respect my part of the deal."

"He’s the one who makes the bets, and now the bet has piled on his head. I’m ready to get a tattoo, but first I have to see some paperwork because he and his manager are getting suspicious." "Nakisa Bidarian, his representative who always kept my word, told me, 'If you get a tattoo tonight, we'll give you a rematch,' and I immediately agreed to the offer, '"Woodley told Ariel Helwani.


Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley agreed on a tattoo bet back in July. Although many MMA fans as well as people like Daniel Cormier tell Woodley that he doesn’t honor that bet, it seems Tyron is willing to do anything to get the rematch he wants.

The question arises as to why Woodley then did not show much more "fire" in the fight itself, but the search for revenge may not come from a desire for revenge and an opportunity to defeat Jake Paul. Woodley certainly paid off very well with this fight and another such payout would surely come in handy at the end of his fighting career.

It remains to be seen if Jake Paul is interested in another fight with him. It doesn't work that way yet. This outcome of the match certainly surprised many and most expected Woodley to win, but things were different. Woodley probably underestimated his opponent, who obviously knows how to box, and this time he convinced those who were pessimistic about his boxing.

We'll see if Paul has any other names in mind, or he'll respect Woodley and decide on a rematch. By all accounts, the chances of such a thing are small, but let’s wait a little longer to see