Paul: "Woodley is a tougher opponent than McGregor"

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Paul: "Woodley is a tougher opponent than McGregor"

Everyone knows how Jake Paul dreams of fighting Conor McGregor. Although YouTuber has often been saying lately that the value of Conor's shares has dropped drastically after two defeats in a row against Dustin Poirier, the fact is that the Irishman is still arguably the biggest MMA star in the world.

A fight between "Notorious" and Jake Paul would attract huge attention, and none of Jake's opponents so far can match Conor McGregor's popularity in martial arts. After the fight between Woodley and Paul, the Irishman wrote "Saliva" on his Twitter profile, and Jake Paul touched on that "tweet" and Conor McGregor talked about it at the press conference after the fight.

'We are on our way to much bigger fights. I'm also salivating because I’m just warming up. Conor McGregor currently has more important things to focus on." "I have five wins in a row (Jake Paul has four wins in a row, op.a.) and his score is 1-3 in the last four years.

So the guy needs to leave his vodka or whatever his brand already represents." "He has to sober up, go back to the gym, and then we can fight, '' Jake Paul began, then made a brief comparison of Tyron Woodley and Conor McGregor.

''Let's be honest, there's no way he's (Conor) hitting harder than Tyron Woodley. He is lighter than Woodley and is shorter than him. I said even before the fight, I think Woodley is a tougher opponent than him, especially if we consider the direction Conor is going."

"He’s on his way down, and I’m on my way up. We'll see, '' Jake added.

Conor is not interested

The Irishman has so far shown no interest in participating in fights of this type and was quite critical of Floyd Mayweather when the famous boxer arranged a fight with Logan Paul.

McGregor then said it was a disgrace and that it was sad that Floyd agreed to take part in such fights. Jake Paul, unlike his brother Logan, still has a slightly more impressive boxing resume, especially after the wins against MMA fighters Ben Askren and Tyron Woodley.

If the 24-year-old YouTuber manages to connect a few more good wins, he might even attract the interest of the UFC’s biggest star. And we are all aware of the interest that a match between McGregor and Paul would arouse, and that match would probably break all records. However, for now, the Irishman is not interested in such things