Woodley wants a rematch against Jake Paul

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Woodley wants a rematch against Jake Paul

Immediately after the end of the match between Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley, there were scenes that did not go along with what was seen in the days and weeks before the match. Mutual respect and an almost friendly relationship, as if they had done a ruthless war, not a match from which most sparring is more dynamic and action-packed.

Paul congratulated Woodley on the show, while the former UFC champion felt he should have won and immediately demanded a rematch in the ring, telling Paul to ignore Tommy Fury, who until then seemed like a realistic next opponent for YouTube.

Paul told him that they could talk about a rematch, provided Woodley made the bet agreed before the match and tattooed his name on his leg. Judging by what Woodley said after the match at the press conference, it looks like he will do it.

After all, the famous tattoo artist was present in the hall for this very purpose, with all her necessary equipment.


"It's settled, we'll do a rematch. I have to come to that win, I was too close. This is like a movie and no one can take everything to a higher level than the two of us can."

"We did a great job by selling this PPV, everyone was excited around the match. He was a tough opponent. He was visibly tired, but he found a way to get through it. We have to do this again, "Woodley told a news conference, adding again something about scoring: "I thought I won, I was surprised by the decision.

I knew he was close, I thought he took a few rounds. Those earlier rounds were close. If I came back now, I would certainly be further encouraged because I could make them a little more convincing" "I tried to feel the match and take as much time as I needed.

I knew he would hit a lot with jab and I also knew he would alternate fakes and pressure." "I was not surprised to hear that the decision was divided but I believed it would be in my benefit." The media and most of the others who covered the match would disagree with Woodley.

Some almost consensual judgment of all is that the scoring should have been 77:75 in favor of Paul, as one referee card actually read. Will there be a rematch and did Paul really promise Woodley that? When he looks at the comments he could change his mind because it’s hard to guess who would watch the second match after this.