Jake Paul was better in the match against Woodley!

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Jake Paul was better in the match against Woodley!

All the fierce announcements of knockouts, beatings and embarrassment of the opponents once again fell into the water. Let’s face it, no one who knows boxing expected Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley to provide a quality fight, just as no one believed either of the two had the technical quality for dominance.

But such a passive match as they provided is the worst that could have happened. Tyron Woodley didn’t defend the honor of MMA, but more importantly, he didn’t defend his own either. In fact, he only gave an impression he left in his last UFC fights, that is, he further damaged his reputation not because he lost this match, but because of the way he lost it.

In short, Paul, as a bigger and longer man in the ring, started working directly from the beginning, controlling his hind leg very well. The former UFC champion did not respond to that. Realistically very weak and ineffective punches Paul received without problems and without any damage, and some of his real within the first three rounds as if he did not even try to throw.

Woodley looked melancholy, disinterested, and completely lethargic, which certainly went in favor of his opponent. When Woodley showed what he can do, and that was in the fourth round, he hit a real shot that visibly shook Paul.

And when he seemed to catch his rhythm then, at the end it didn't happen.


Continuing the passive approach allowed Paul to recover, after which the match still looked the same. Woodley has shown that he can hit a better quality shot, but the problem is that it almost didn't even work.

Extremely frustrating for everyone who was his fans this time, but very good for his opponent. Paul showed decent technique and fitness. It can be seen that he is seriously dedicated to boxing and that he does not see all this as a passing joke and that he really has some talent for this sport.

His movements and punches, despite the fact that there is no strength or real timing in them, look technically good, but that is what we have seen from him this way. But it was still enough to defeat a fighter who acted in the ring as if he had no intention of doing anything more.

Referee cards were split, one even went 77-75 in Woodley's favor, which is not a very realistic situation, while two went to Paul. He took six rounds each, and five rounds each, and this second scoring is exactly what most media actually agree with.

This way Jake Paul can be pleased with the continuation of his winning streak and the fact that he has not received any damage. As for Woodley, he simply has nothing to look for in his boxing style.