Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley ready for the match!

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Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley ready for the match!

One of the most anticipated boxing events is ahead of us. On a Sunday-to-Monday night, Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley will find themselves in the boxing ring. While this is not a high-quality match, it is a match that has been so well promoted in recent weeks that rarely anyone cares what will happen, i.e.

whether Tyron Woodley can defend the honor of MMA but also to win against "parasite" as many called the Paul brothers. After successfully doing the official weigh-in, the fighters found themselves in front of the audience at the ceremonial, which offered a very good show, which was actually to be expected from this showbiz product.

Match after match, the main one was slowly being reached. And then Woodley and Paul stood across from each other and did a tense confrontation. Statements followed. Woodley was brief but unquestionably motivated, especially after Paul’s team made ugly words about his mother these days.

Still, he failed to stay completely calm. As Paul was giving a statement, Woodley approached him and there was almost a showdown. Suddenly a huge number of people found themselves on stage, but everything was brought under control in time.

However, everyone managed to save the action for the ring. Unfortunately, although he announced it a few days ago, Stipe Miočić did not appear at the official weigh-in. The reason why this did not happen is not known to us.


The agreed weight limit of the boxing match between Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley is 86 kilograms, exactly halfway between the light heavyweight and lightweight/cruiser categories. This is the limit that the participants of the intriguing match did not exceed, so they both did everything necessary before entering the ring on the night from Sunday to Monday.

There were no problems with the remaining participants of the very interesting program either. There are famous names like Amanda Serrano, Daniel Dubois, Ivan Baranchyk, and Tommy Fury, and there are a total of five matches on the program.

Of course, Woodley and Paul lead everything and their match is the one that will sell the broadcasts, but what will happen first is definitely worth the attention of all boxing fans. Below the text are the results Paul vs.

Woodley - Weighing results (in lb) Jake Paul (190) vs. Tyron Woodley (189.5)
Amanda Serrano (124) vs. Yamileth Mercado (124)
Daniel Dubois (238) vs. Joe Cusumano (235.5)
Montana Love (141) vs. Ivan Baranchyk (140.9)
Tommy Fury (179) vs. Anthony Taylor (175)