Jake Paul: "I don't want to go to MMA because it's not my territory"

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Jake Paul: "I don't want to go to MMA because it's not my territory"

Tyron Woodley is the second MMA fighter to enter the boxing ring to do a match against Jake Paul. He is also the first MMA fighter of legitimate kicking qualities, at the expense of which he reached the top of the UFC, where he remained for a time as a welterweight champion.

And while some believe that Woodley defends the honor of MMA in this way, automatically the qualities of MMA fighters, others invite Paul to go to MMA or wonder why he does not fight MMA fighters where they are best but takes them to boxing.

Especially since he is constantly calling out various fighters, but also UFC President Dan White. He has now revealed what his attitude towards it actually is. "I have nothing against MMA fighters. I respect them. If I went to fight them in an MMA fight they would quickly catch me and choke me." "AJ Agazarm, with whom I did a little MMA, choke me.

OK, cool, you got me. But, boxing sparring, it's my territory. That's where you come to my area and everything is different, "Paul said during a press conference before the match against Woodley. As he worked with various boxers, but also MMA fighters, he decided to compare them.

"Boxers are different, they're much more efficient when it comes to punching techniques. They hit in series and they also have head movements, it's a different thing." "I paired up with a lot of MMA fighters and I saw it was a different game.

It's like comparing apples and oranges as if you were throwing a fish out of the water ", was the additional explanation.


From this, it could be concluded that Paul is targeting MMA fighters because through their fighting style he sees more chances to win.

Absolutely legitimate. Paul is, in the opinion of the bookmakers, the favorite against Woodley. If he justifies this status, a kind of picture will be created that the boxing techniques of MMA fighters are poorer than previously thought.

Namely, if a man who has been boxing for two years manages to defeat a former UFC champion known for his knockouts, what other conclusion can anyone draw from all this? However, Jake Paul will not have an easy task and for the most part, he is not the favorite, so they think that the match will be resolved quickly.

Paul has shown that he can box and that he is not as bad in the ring as some thought. Now he has a more serious challenge and if he wins, it is certain that many will change their minds about him

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