Vitor Belfort looks great again!

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Vitor Belfort looks great again!

Legendary Brazilian MMA fighter Vitor Belfort will have his second professional boxing match in his career on September 11th. The 44-year-old "Phenom" now knocked out Josemario Neves in the first round of the fight back in 2006, but it was a short trip to boxing because Vitor was much more focused on his successful MMA career.

The Brazilian is currently not under contract with any MMA organization and has arranged a boxing match against Oscar De La Hoya. De La Hoya, 48, is a boxing legend and once the best boxer in the world. The "Golden Boy" did his last fight back in 2008 when Manny Pacquiao won against him with a stoppage in the eighth round of the fight, but now he is ready for the return match against Belfort.

Although the assumption would be that the two fighters will do an exhibition in their later years, this will not be the case this time and the match will be treated as a professional boxing match sanctioned by the competent Athletic Commission in California.

Belfort and De La Hoya will also lead the Thriller event on September 11, and as part of that event, Anderson Silva and Tito Ortiz will also perform in a boxing match. In the face of the upcoming fight, Belfort did an open training in front of the media actors and impressed with his physical fitness.

The 44-year-old looks similar to his best days, but we know what kind of stories come with that.


Throughout his career, Belfort has had a reputation as a fighter who uses ilegall drugs, and he also enjoyed the opportunity to use TRT therapy while it was allowed.

Belfort has also failed doping tests several times due to high testosterone levels, and many fans like to remember "TRT Belfort" as one of the most dangerous MMA fighters. Yet as the years went by, the sport progressed and doping controls in the UFC became more stringent.

At the same time, Belfort looked worse physically and wasn't nearly as good as he used to be. It is not particularly known how rigorous and thorough the doping controls are regarding the fight between De La Hoya and Belfort, but "Phenom" certainly reminded of "TRT Belfort" in its open training.

Belfort will have a chance to show again that he is one of the best fighters, but we do not know at this moment how motivated he is before a match like this and what his primary goal is. It will certainly be interesting to watch the fight between two top fighters