Jake Paul denied Zahabi's rumors that he would be doped

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Jake Paul denied Zahabi's rumors that he would be doped

Just over two weeks ago, renowned MMA coach Firas Zahabi touched on the upcoming fight between Tyron Woodley and Jake Paul on his Youtube channel. The Canadian then made serious accusations against Jake Paul, stating that he was sure that he and his team would cheat using illegal substances.

'' Both guys can end up knocked out by the opponent's right hand, but Paul is bigger, more explosive, and extremely athletic. He could ‘abuse’ Woodley in the ring for the reason that he is bigger."

"I didn’t want to mention this, but my number one factor is Jake Paul’s corner. They will put him on all possible substances. I don't think there will be testing for this fight." "Maybe in the week of fighting, but there is no USADA.

I didn’t mean to say that, but I think it’s a huge factor. When I say he’s bigger and more athletic, I’m actually alluding that he’s on doping." "I don’t like to say that, but Jake Paul is definitely doped.

Such things exist in the world of boxing as they exist in MMA. Tyron will not be doped, I think he will be totally natural. Does that make a difference? Absolutely yes, '' Zahabi said at the time.

Paul gave an answer

Zahabi's comments reached Paul.

His manager relayed to him the allegations of owner Tristar Gym. '' My manager sent me a message saying the GSP coach was saying I was on 'PEDs' (Performance-enhancing drugs). I took my cell phone, this is a true story and I guarantee it to you with my mother’s life."

"I opened the Safari browser and typed 'What does PEDS mean?' That’s when I figured out what it was about, and I told the manager I took it as a compliment." "People are finding all sorts of ways to discredit me and are already looking for excuses for his defeat, '' Jake Paul told MMA Junkie, and then explained that this was a serious professional fight.

'' This is a real fight, not exhibition s*it that my brother (Logan Paul) and Floyd Mayweather did. I do real fights with a commission that tests me for doping." "Zahabi's allegations are stupid and he does it to attract attention.

Look, four weeks later, those charges are still mentioned. He has thus gained a certain influence and importance, and he is a little jerk who is satisfied watching these videos where he is mentioned and given importance. " Despite Jake trying to convince everyone present that he was not doping and that he had to "google" what it was all about, he eventually admitted that he had not yet been tested by the Ohio Athletic Commission.

Paul assumes this will happen on the day of the fight or the day before the fight, but said he is ready to do the testing anytime.