Bisping believes Pacquiao does not know how to accept defeat

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Bisping believes Pacquiao does not know how to accept defeat

Legendary Filipino boxer Manny Pacquiao suffered a defeat last weekend in a fight against Cuban Yordenis Ugas. Although Pacquiao entered the match well, he significantly slowed down as the match progressed to later rounds only to ultimately lose by a unanimous decision of the referees.

"PacMan" found his legs as one of the reasons for the defeat, which, according to him, betrayed him. '' In my entire career, Ugas was one of the easiest opponents. He only had one style, and I should've been able to easily move away… You've seen how I have moved in my fights before.

I couldn't move in this fight. My legs just - stopped." '' Pacquiao told The Athletic. The Filipino surprised many by the comment that the boxer who defeated him is one of the easiest opponents in his career, especially considering that Manny has lost only eight times in a total of 72 matches.

One of those who didn't like "PacMan's" comment after that fight was former UFC middleweight champion, Michael Bisping. The retired English MMA fighter gave his comment via Twitter. 'How about when fighters lose they man up, say fair play, the Better man won.

Seems these days some are man enough to fight but not man enough to accept the result. Accept, assess, improve, do better. Denial is never the path forward,'' The Count wrote on his Twitter profile.


It’s hard to say that Bisping is wrong and some fighters should really accept defeats better.

Ugas was simply better than Manny who is in his late boxing years and there is no point in looking for any excuses for which the aforementioned defeat happened. However, Pacquiao is not someone who is used to losing and he entered every match full of confidence that he could win.

It was this "mentality" that brought him victories, but of course the hard training and skills he possesses. He couldn't do anything this time. Probably the years are the reason for such a performance, considering that Pacquiao is 42 years old and is no longer in the best years as he used to be.

Ugas took advantage of the opportunity, and now he has an open path to even greater success. This is a fight that will surely be a huge motivation for him, because he managed to defeat one of the best boxers His career will be followed much more, and it will be interesting to watch his next match when Ugas will try to continue his good run.