Anthony Joshua is focusing on fitness before the match with Usyk

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Anthony Joshua is focusing on fitness before the match with Usyk

No one can dispute what Anthony Joshua’s biggest advantage is compared to Oleksandr Usyk, the boxer who will face him on Saturday 25 September, at London’s Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. Usyk is a technically great boxer, especially good in fitness, and is easy on his legs, but he simply doesn't have the strength to match Joshua in that field.

And it is almost certain that this is not an aspect of the match in which he intends to try to respond to him in the same way. On the other hand, Joshua can choose between several different approaches to the match in the preparations.

He can be cautious and measured, and he can be aggressive, each approach has the potential to bring a lot, but it also carries its own risks. And the risk is not something a Briton likes to take, it is simple from the beginning of his career.

He confirmed this in an interview with Sky Sports, where he revealed what is being worked on the most during his preparations. "Concentration - when you want to hit someone, prepare a target and make a move. You have to make sure your brain works well.

It can tire you out mentally, so I'm sharpening my mind right now so I can concentrate for 12 rounds." "In addition, I practice the ability to hit four times, not just once. Concentrate, take your time and then stick him to the floor, "Joshua revealed the way he thinks during training, adding something about the aforementioned options so he can approach the match: "It's a fight for the brain.

Know what you have in front of you and know how to deal with it. You can be aggressive, sending him into a corner and to send on him everything you have, or you can take the time, be smart and then knock him out."


The other aspect that he must pay attention to is fitness.

Several times throughout his career, we have seen stages of rest, rounds in which he would become more passive, with the goal of resting his body and then moving even harder. These were the stages after which he would end matches very often.

But the question is whether he can afford those stages this time, especially if that is what his opponent hopes for. He recognized that, so he obviously adjusted his training accordingly. "I'm about my weight, but I'm not trying to do anything more than that, I'm just a heavyweight.

I'm gaining experience through training, I've been fighting great fighters for a long time and I've learned something in every training camp." "I've learned how to prepare my body for specific fights.

That's why I'm working on this camp to be ready to face a man who's a real boxer for 12 rounds." "I will be in very good shape. That will be the key to everything"