Woodley extremely motivated before the match with Paul

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Woodley extremely motivated before the match with Paul

Former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley is getting closer to his boxing debut, which he will make in the early hours of Sunday against Jake Paul, a young YouTuber trying to build a boxing career. "T-Wood" is definitely the hardest challenge for Paul, who has knocked out all three of his opponents so far, but Woodley is under a lot of pressure due to the high expectations of the public and fans who want someone to finally silence Jake Paul.

Still, Tyron has no doubt of his victory. '' I'm glad to be a part of this. You’ll see Jake Paul injured in a way you can’t even imagine. He may not even want to box after this, '' Woodley began as a guest at the MMA Hour, explaining the importance of his performance and what he really represents.

'' I'm mature enough and I know how to represent MMA. I represent real people who have their own attitude and have been in all of this for a while now, and their war scars are proof of that." "There are many who will really enjoy my performance, watching my hands hit his head.

I want to go out there and serve as an example. When I release my "Champ Champ" video on Saturday after weighing, when it's too late for him to retire, then you'll see what I actually did in training."

"When you see how I was destroying in training, the whole mentality, running on all possible surfaces, then it will be too late for him to give up the fight."


"So I asked for a clause according to which he can’t give up because I knew it could happen when he sees how hard I hit, what state of mind I am in, and what my martial IQ is."

"If he gives up now, he will be the biggest bit*h in the history of the female dog industry (bit*h). If he tries to get out on COVID, I'll come to his hotel, stick a test stick in his nose and do seven tests, "said the extremely motivated and tense" T-Wood "

Tyron touched on the bet he had with the young youtube. Namely, the defeated fighter will have to tattoo the name of his opponent on the body, more precisely the sentence "I love Jake Paul / Tyron Woodley" (depending on the winner).

Tyron says he is willing to tolerate Jake Paul avoiding tattooing but under certain conditions. "I will allow him to negotiate. If he doesn’t want a tattoo, he’ll have to pay me a large sum of money because it’s his bet and his idea. He will either get a tattoo or he will pay a large sum of money to my charity, '' Woodley added.