Pacquiao: ‘I did my best, but it wasn’t enough’

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Pacquiao: ‘I did my best, but it wasn’t enough’

Although after the match against Yordenis Ugas he seemed satisfied with his performance, of course Manny Pacquiao could not be happy with the defeat in the match where he probably had the last chance to reach some elite world title.

After two years out of the ring, he simply failed to respond to what the seven-year-younger and visibly more willing Cuban had to offer. Like a true champion, Manny appeared at the official press conference after the match where he tried to explain his defeat.

He didn't really have much to say, everything that happened was easily seen by everyone who followed the match. "I did my best, I gave the best I could, but my best was not enough. I have no excuses. I wanted to fight for the WBA title in the ring, but today the name of the world champion is Ugas." "I gave a lot to boxing and boxing gave me a lot.

I'm thinking about my future in boxing. But now I congratulate Ugas, "said the big, yet so humble Filipino. The best comment of the match was that Manny looked like someone 42 years old this time. And indeed, it wasn’t his speed that he was known for and the expense he built his boxing style.


That is why the question is whether it makes sense to continue a professional career that has lasted for 26 years. After something like that, it’s not easy to leave the sport you’ve been in your whole life.

The decision on whether to box more can only be made by him. "You may not see Manny Pacquiao fight in the ring again in the future. I'm not sure. How many decades I have been here and I'm happy for everything I've done in boxing," he commented This was Manny’s 72nd professional match of his career, during which he won the world title in as many as eight different categories.

He was close to retirement once, but he continued and came to another title, at the same time becoming a boxer who performed in as many as four different decades. Unfortunately for him, he failed to become the one who won in four decades.

It is difficult to list everything that Manny has done in his career and it is clear that there are no sports needs, but not even financially, to continue his career. In the Philippines, he can easily become president. After all, he can really do anything there, so he was a music star and a professional basketball player in the first league. Within the next few weeks, we should find out what his decision is.