Heavy defeat of boxing legend: Ugas defeated Pacquiao

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Heavy defeat of boxing legend: Ugas defeated Pacquiao

35-year-old Yordenis Ugas remained the owner of the WBA Super Belt welterweight champion, defeating legend Manny Pacquiao, in a match that could be the last in the career of the great Filipino. Ugas showed patience, assumed that the veteran could get tired, and in the middle of the match he took control and sailed safely towards the victory, certainly the biggest in his career.

With a victory like this, he can finally forget the defeat inflicted on him by Shawn Porter in 2019, which was called controversial or simply unfairly Pacquiao opened this match well, moving forward in his style, trying to do damage immediately with a large number of blows.

Ugas chose a more defensive approach, certainly losing the first round, but avoiding receiving more serious blows. The Cuban started to use the directions in the second round, which slowed down the Filipino and forced him to change tactics.

Ugas received two warnings for low kicks, but that didn’t cost him a round and an automatic return to the match. In the third, Pacquiao was more aggressive again, but the famous Cuban counters were getting better. The impression of Pacquiao's first staggering was also given, and it became clear here that there could be big problems for him.

Manny managed to avoid the aforementioned counters in the fourth and fifth rounds and seemed to have actually just started his engines, but it seems to have been temporary.


He gave the impression that he took those two rounds and took control of the match, but that same impression deceived everyone.

The increasingly slow Filipino had less and less responsiveness to his opponent's lightning-fast forward. The tempo dropped, which certainly suited Ugas, who moved a lot more and had an amazing shoots, still relying most on his direct.

We got the impression that he managed to bring the match exactly where he wanted and how he just has to keep that approach. And Ugas succeded in that. Pacquiao obviously isn't the same, especially if we count on him being 42 years old.

The body listened to him less and less, and Ugas noticed that in such a match he did not have to rush, but could control the situation. From the seventh to the tenth round so we saw the least action, but that was exactly what suited Ugas, who was simply doing what he needed to do.

In the last two rounds, the Filipino did his best, but it was not enough. The penultimate Ugas, after the tempo rose, once again presented top movement and countering, while in the last Manny had real shoots. He certainly took the round, but that was not enough.

The referee cards said 116-112 twice and 115-113 once for Ugas, which is certainly a fair and realistic decision, looking at what happened in the match.