Pacquiao and Ugas ready for one of the biggest fights!

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Pacquiao and Ugas ready for one of the biggest fights!

An interesting background lies behind the boxing match of Manny Pacquiao and Yordenis Ugas, which will take place on Sunday morning, August 22, in Las Vegas. The 42-year-old Filipino was originally supposed to fight Errol Spence Jr.

for IBF and WBC welterweight titles. Just 11 days before the match, Spence canceled this fight due to an eye injury. Yordenis Ugas, a 35-year-old Cuban, owner of the WBA Super Belt, was supposed to compete in the title fight of the show and he was supposed to defend against Fabian Maidana.

After Spence’s cancellation, event organizer Al Haymon made a move that seemed to him to be the only real move. He decided to arrange a fight between Ugas and Pacquiao. And here we come to the one from the first sentence.

Ugas is the owner of the WBA Super Belt, which was taken away from the Filipino at the beginning of this year due to inactivity and forwarded to him, the previous owner of the WBA regular title. Manny could not agree with that decision, so he will have the opportunity to prove in the ring to whom the belt actually belongs.

Last match

Pacquiao has announced that, depending on performance, this could be the last match of his career. If that came with a win, it would be a great way to go. One of the greatest boxers of all time, in that case, would retire with the title, but Ugas is a dangerous boxer who has no intention of allowing it.

The Cuban is currently in a series of four victories, and the defeat he suffered before that is considered by many to be undeserved. It is a match in which he was defeated by Shawn Porter by a divided decision of the referees.

More than two years have passed since Manny's last appearance, the one in which he delighted against Keith Thurman. At his age, that could be crucial, especially when it comes to keeping fit, but “PacMan” has proven time and time again that he is an indestructible boxer who should never be written off.

We are looking forward to the match, especially if we have the opportunity to watch this great man for the last time. Most "real" boxing fans hope that Pacquiao will solve this match and that he will end his career in a glorious way.

The task will not be at all simple for him, but given the experience and knowledge that Pacquiao has, he has a good chance of such an outcome.