Bigfoot Silva arranged a ‘bare knuckle MMA’ match

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Bigfoot Silva arranged a ‘bare knuckle MMA’ match

On September 11, there will be the second event of Gamebred FC, a martial arts organization founded by Jorge Masvidal, which hosts MMA fights without gloves, or "bare-knuckle" MMA. After a relatively successful first, for the main fight of the second Masvidal prepared a clash of two famous fighters, one of whom we can freely call the former great star of martial arts.

It's about Antonio Silva, known globally under the nickname Bigfoot, a former challenger for UFC heavyweight titles, who reactivated himself this year. Unfortunately, the return to MMA will not be remembered for the best, but that did not shake him, so for the second time in his career he will try to fight without gloves, only this time it will not be boxing but MMA.

The Brazilian is facing a fight against former UFC and PFL member Alex Nicholson. In 2015, before joining the UFC, he also competed in boxing, where he achieved one professional win and one loss. Still, this will be his first encounter with a “bare-knuckle” of any kind.

Throughout his MMA career, he has proven to be a good hitter with a very firm chin, which could be a problem for Silva right from the start.

Gloveless boxing

Silva has tried gloveless boxing once before when he was knocked out by Gabriel Gonzaga at a BKFC event.

This version of the gloveless fight has not had a chance to be tried, because it is actually the original product of a popular UFC fighter. It is the knockout method he has been losing most of his last MMA fights, and the fact is that his ability to receive punches below a certain level is necessary for serious performances.

He nevertheless decided to return and try to achieve another victory. Combined in MMA and bare-knuckle, from 2013 until today, he has recorded 12 appearances and celebrated only once. Nicholson has recorded 14 wins and nine losses in his MMA career, most recently in late 2019, in the quarterfinals of PFL’s heavyweight tournament of the second season.

The promotion, despite a good result, did not hire him for the current third season Bigfoot could take this opportunity to fix his score. Obviously, he is not in good shape, but it is certain that the previous defeat influenced him to take the next fight more seriously, and we have no doubt that he trained these months in order to be completely ready.