Muhammad Ali’s grandson made his debut with a win!

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Muhammad Ali’s grandson made his debut with a win!

Muhammad Ali’s boxing legacy is huge and there is no excessive sense in reminding anyone of it. There are a number of generations inspired by the late boxer to start boxing, and 21-year-old Nico Ali Walsh is one of them.

He is the grandson of the great Muhammad Ali, or the son of Ali's daughter Rasheda, who is the second oldest of Ali's nine descendants. The young boxer, after several years of performing in amateur boxing, decided to transition to professional boxing.

His first opponent was Jordan Weeks (4-1-0, 2 KOs). He is not a particularly high-quality and renowned opponent, but since Nico has just made his debut, it would be foolish to expect him to be thrown into the fire immediately against better quality boxers.

But Walsh came to victory in his debut after 1:49 minutes of the first round and could hardly have started his professional career better. Muhammad Ali's grandson did extremely well with his right hand and after only 70 seconds he shook his opponent for the first time.

The referee counted Weeks who manages to recover and continue. Nico Ali Walsh had a chance to finish his opponent, he was very aggressive and had some good shots, and the referee decided to end a fight after another clean hit with his right-

Fury's coach

By the way, in the corner of young Ali Walsh was Sugarhill Steward, one of Tyson Fury’s coaches, and young Nico performed in white shorts given to him by his grandfather, Muhammad Ali.

The young boxer also referred to his grandfather in an interview after the fight against Weeks. '' I think a lot about him and I miss him. The impression is that all this puts a lot of pressure on me, but for me, he is just my grandfather."

"The audience sees him as the greatest fighter he has ever lived, and perhaps as the greatest person ever. And what does he represent to me? For me, he is the greatest and best grandfather ever! An interesting fact is a fact that Bob Arum was in the role of promoter in the debut of the young Ali Walsh, and 55 years have passed since Bob Arum was first in the role of promoter in one of Muhammad's fights.

'' He was my grandfather's promoter, and now he's doing it for me. Hollywood should make a film about it. '', Added Nico Ali Walsh. In any case, it will be interesting to follow how far this young boxer can go and whether he can at least partially repeat some of the successes of his grandfather, whom many truly consider the greatest boxer in history.