Tito Ortiz disappointed with Silva's decision

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Tito Ortiz disappointed with Silva's decision

A few days ago, the news was published that Anderson Silva will compete with Tito Ortiz in his next boxing performance. The two former UFC champions have had successful MMA careers, but now in their later years they will cross gloves, but not the small ones for MMA, but the bigger, boxing ones.

The fight between Anderson Silva and Tito Ortiz is set to take place on September 11 as part of a Triller Fight Club event led by Vitor Belfort and Oscar De La Hoya. The legendary "Spider" a little less than two months ago delighted with his boxing performance and victory against Julius Cesar Chavez Jr.

(52-6-1, 34 KO). Tito Ortiz, on the other hand, will make his boxing debut but claims that the transition will not be a problem for him because he has been boxing all his career. '' I'm excited, I've been boxing my whole career, but now I don't have to worry about wrestling and BJJ.

I don’t have to think about kicks." "I can focus strictly on boxing and I am grateful to Thriller for the opportunity and Anderson Silva for accepting the fight, '' Tito began in an interview with TMZ Sports, and then described how somewhat disappointed he was with Silva's weight-related conditions.

'' There were a few negotiating demands on his part. I had a lot of respect for that guy, and after he did what he did, I kind of lost respect for him. He wants me to lose weight at 195 'pounds' (88.45 kilograms)."


"He has fought at 205 ‘pounds’ (93 kg) more than six times in his career. His demand that I go down to 195 ‘pounds’ is proof that he is afraid of my power. People don’t realize that I’m a pretty good hitter, and I’ve improved a lot over the last six years."

"I’ve become really good over the last three or four years. The last time I weighed 195 ‘pounds’ was in my sophomore year of college. I will try to satisfy that weight, I think I will succeed, I have never fallen on the scales in my career."

"However, Anderson will push me to the extreme with weight loss. But I repeat, I have lost respect for him. He’s one of the best in the world when it comes to MMA, but I no longer have respect for him. It will give me a little more energy, desire, and aggression during the training camp so that I can break the face of that guy, "said Tito.

Ortiz has not competed in MMA since December 2019 and a win against Albert El Patron. He is far from his best fighting days, but the 46-year-old believes he is tougher than Anderson Silva and guarantees he will provide a vicious fight.

'' I'm far stronger than him. Am I going to do this with a vicious and bloody fight? Of course, I will. I'm not here for the exhibition. I'm a fighter, that's how I make a living and that's why I come there to fight. "